What qualifications does one need to be a member of the chorus?

You would need to be able to carry a tune, enjoy singing and have a willingness to learn.

Do you have to be able to read music?

No, several of our members don't read music; they learn by ear from singing along with the learning tracks we provide.

What is Barbershop harmony?

Barbershop Harmony is a unique four part a-cappella style where the harmony parts sing above and below the melody line.

Tenor: Harmonizes above the melody
Lead: Sings the melody
Baritone: Harmonizes either above or below the melody
Base: Harmonizes below the melody

How do members learn their music?

Members learn by ear (from singing along with and matching the learning tracks we provide) and by sight (by reading/memorizing the words on the sheet of music provided).

Chorus rehearsal time is used to interpret, learn and polish the song for performance.

What expectations does the chorus have for new members?

New members are expected to:

  • Learn their words and music on their own in conjuction with chorus rehearsals
  • Attend a majority of rehearsals
  • Participate in chorus performances